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Panepinto Development excels at the art of developing distinctive luxury real estate developments that nurture the connections between people, creating vibrant communities within culturally relevant neighborhoods. Panepinto Development encompasses Panepinto Properties, Panepinto Global and Panepinto Fine Art. Panepinto Properties actively manages all US-based developments and Panepinto Global works with corporate and governmental partners to build large-scale emerging coastal communities around the world. Panepinto Fine Art curates art collections for public and private spaces.

Panepinto Development has distinguished itself with a reputation as a pioneer for planning and developing innovative commercial, residential, hotel, and mixed-use developments, transforming urban neighborhoods since 1977. Over the past 40 years, Panepinto has been dedicated to the renaissance of Jersey City. In recent years, the company has expanded its involvement in the revival of other upcoming coastal cities in the U.S. and globally through Panepinto Global. Panepinto Fine Art was established to curate permanent contemporary art collections for residential, office and hotels. The company is deeply involved in developing the cultural, retail and shopping opportunities, transportation, and connective public spaces that generate lively urban interaction.


“When you support the whole community; successful developments flourish.”

The Founder

The Founder

Joseph A. Panepinto, Sr., Founder,
CEO and Visionary Place-maker

Joseph A. Panepinto Sr. is a visionary. From his first project onward, he has been committed to creating inspired urban communities, believing that cities are built neighborhood by neighborhood. Since founding the company, his major focus has been the renaissance of his hometown, Jersey City, New Jersey. Building on that experience, he and his team have developed urban centers creating vibrant metropolitan destinations around the world – with art, retail, education, restaurants and amenities – the ingredients that make people and cities thrive.

Originally an attorney by profession, Panepinto served as Jersey City’s Planning Board attorney and later the Jersey City Redevelopment Agency’s legal counsel in the early 1970s. Thereafter, his law firm represented numerous real estate developers, eventually developing on his own. From his first development in 1977 to the many towers built since then, Joe has never lost his focus on doing what’s right for the city.

“If it’s good for the city, it’s good for us."

Partner with Panepinto

As a partner, Panepinto offers real estate development, long-term property and asset management, and fine art curation services for residential, office, and hospitality projects. Working with clients based in the U.S. and abroad, the company brings together financial institutions, city and state agencies, engineers, architects, designers, artists, and community members to create dynamic projects that enhance communities for the greater good. Every project becomes part of the Panepinto legacy, leading to a substantial focus on quality.

Whether working independently or in collaboration with other developers, the company has produced highly successful residential, office, and mixed-use projects.

The strength of a city depends on partnerships – with the city, financial, educational and medical institutions, as well as transportation centers, art institutions and fellow developers.

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“When You Focus on People,
You Do Everything Differently.”

Our vision is to develop people-inspired developments – vibrant places of the soul – that form basis of a community, of forming neighborhoods. Buildings are just a beginning – what creates a place is the art, the culture, the architecture, an energetic, active outdoor living space. Sustainable developments are partnerships with the people, residents, store-owners, artists and architects that give a city life.

Our People-Centric
Developments Incorporate:

- Easy Access to Transportation
- Opportunities for Socializing
- Amenities Beyond the Norm
- Outdoor Gardens, Spaces, Walkways
- Murals, Sculpture and Permanent Art Collections
- Smart Use of Space
- Intuitive Layouts
- Focus on Comfort and Aesthetics
- Access and Linkages
- Inspired Neighborhoods

People-Centric Development

Current Developments

Building vibrant cities begins with resilient communities


A city is a living breathing place full of people – buildings are reflections of the spirit of the city. Creating places that fill the spirit also nurture the soul – they foster friendship, community, gathering, and brotherhood, where people want to spend time, because they want to, not because they have to. In essence, Panepinto is building neighborhoods that in turn inspire the larger community.

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